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Labour Law Compliance

Hire our services for Labour Law Compliance and steer clear of legal complications. We can help your company manage all the labour compliances. The experts in our team can assist you professionally to process and obtain individual registrations, fill up forms, process load, conduct annual and biannual audit and all other procedures that come in this category.
Benefits of hiring our services to adhere to Labour Law Compliance are as follows:
• Get latest notifications on updates related to labour compliance laws and amendments issued at regular intervals.
• We will conduct audit at regular intervals to help you keep track of the account statements.
• We can also help you with the registration and renewal of labour acts.
Hire SBS Labour Law Compliance Services and stay clear of any legal formalities.

Audit & Due Diligence

  • Conduct periodic Labour Law Compliance Audit.
  • Scrutinize records (Local / Across Pan India).
  • Detailed audit report with risk gravity & solutions.
  • Due Diligence of applicable Labour Laws during transition
  • Vendor Compliance Audit

Initial Audit & Gap Analysis Services

  • Examine existing Labour Law compliance health
  • Ascertain applicable labour laws
  • Advice on audit findings and way forward to address
  • Labour law compliances & guidance

Adherence of Statutory Compliance

  • Maintenance of records
  • Ascertain periodic compliance of both Principal Employer & it’s Vendors (if any)
  • Branch Compliance (if any)
  • Payroll Compliance viz. PF, ESI, PT, LWF etc.
  • Remittance, returns
  • Labour Law Compliance & Advisory
  • Assistance in inspections & audits

Registrations & Licenses

  • Registrations, Licenses & it’s renewals, amendments etc.
  • Rapo with Govt. Officials


Be assured of the best selection of candidates to your company or firm when you entrust us with the recruitment responsibility. We go through an elaborate procedure to shortlist the best candidates for the specific job positions. Here are a few reasons to choose SBS over other recruitment agencies:
• We go through a comprehensive screening process to shortlist the best candidates suitable for the chosen job.
• We take into account the minute details too while selecting candidates for a certain job position.
• We understand the significance of adhering to strict deadlines while competing assignments. We choose candidates who possess these values and understand the company goals.
Some other plusses of hiring through us are:
• Smooth and efficient on-boarding process that makes the new employees feel welcome at the organization.
• The employer has a choice to go for contractual hiring or hiring on payroll.
Choose us in helping you get the best employees for your organization.

Permanent Staffing Executive Search

  • Identifying the Hiring Needs.
  • Preparing the Job Description.
  • Talent Search.
  • Screening and Shortlisting.
  • Interviewing.
  • Evaluation and Offer of Employment.

Registrations & Licenses

Trust our services for registration and licensing. Consult our experts for the registration and licensing needs of your business. Seek our expertise to get the required certifications. Our experts do a thorough scrutiny of location based, entity based and activity-based regulations. They will provide you with guidance regarding different legislations governing registration and licensing for various businesses.
We can prepare you to deal with different kinds of registrations and certifications in businesses. Be it a trade license for a business or a shop registration and license to run a shop, we can help you with all kinds of registration and licensing services. Hire us now to be free from all the licensing responsibilities.

  • PF Registration
  • ESIC Registration
  • PTRC & PTEC Registration
  • LWF Registration
  • Shops & Establishment License
  • Trade License
  • MSME (Udyam Registration)
  • CLRA Labour License
  • CLRA Registration
  • BOCW License

  • BOCW Registration
  • FSSAI License
  • GST Registration
  • Health License
  • Factory License
  • Advertisement Permit
  • Inter State Migrant License
  • Inter State Migrant Registration
  • MPCB License
  • LLP / OPC / Pvt. Ltd. / Ltd. Company Registration

Contract Staffing Service

Hire staff on short-term contract basis and enjoy enhanced flexibility. Here are the major benefits you enjoy when you choose our contract staffing service:
• Superior adaptability to changing market conditions in the post-pandemic times possible with contract staffing services.
• Get an ease on labour laws by choosing contract staffing services.
• Since your company won’t be hiring employees on a regular basis, the employment expenses will also be greatly reduced.
• Make use of the reputed staff to achieve higher productivity through contract staffing service.
• You can hire experts from different parts of the globe to take up digital work and complete it within desired deadlines through contract staffing services.
Get the best of both worlds for employers and the employees by choosing our contractual staffing services.

Contract Staffing Service

  • Agreement based Employee Hiring.